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Bethany Soye is a South Dakota State Representative for District 9. Bethany currently serves on the House Education and Judiciary Committees. She is a uniquely qualified Representative holding both a J.D. and a Master of Public Policy from the College of William & Mary and has experience working in banking compliance. While Bethany is now happily working as a full-time mom, her previous job included interpreting federal and state regulations and guiding the business through an ever-changing regulatory landscape. Her experience also includes drafting legislation in the U.S. Senate, writing memos for a State Supreme Court Justice, and researching criminal justice reform programs at the National Center for State Courts. Bethany is proud to use her extensive experience to benefit the people of South Dakota.

Issues & Political Concerns

Bethany is a Republican because she believes in limited government. She is a true conservative who loves South Dakota and wants to preserve our strong communities. Below are a few of her guiding principles:

Family Values

The family is the bedrock of a free society. Bethany is a full-time mom committed to promoting policies that strengthen families and increase opportunity. As a strong pro-life advocate, she actively fights to protect the sanctity of life at all stages.

Second Amendment

The right to keep and bear arms is essential to a free society. Bethany supports policies that protect this right against federal intrusion.

Limited Government

The government should only provide services that cannot be offered by the private sector. Bethany advocates for lower taxes because individuals can spend their own money better than the government.

Local Control

South Dakota is built on close knit communities. The people within these communities know best what their own neighborhoods need. Bethany supports keeping government control as close to the local community as possible.



Bethany Soye grew up in a rural community where she showed market lambs in 4-H and took fuel orders at the local farmers cooperative. While her education took her to the east coast, she quickly returned to South Dakota (which she likes to call America's best kept secret). She spent 5 years in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance at a Sioux Falls bank. Bethany is involved in her community through youth softball and hockey and serves on the praise team at her church. She met her husband Ryan playing hockey and loves to spend time with him on the ice. The couple has two young sons. 

Voting Record

Conservative Achievement Award

89% American Conservative Union Lifetime Rating


100% Right to Life Rating


100% South Dakota Family Voice Action Rating


100% Americans For Prosperity Rating (2021)

Pro-Second Amendment

NRA Endorsed (A Rating)


Get Involved

You Can Help

It takes many hands to run a campaign and your support is appreciated. You can use the button below to donate to Bethany Soye for District 9. You can also reach out for a yard sign, campaign materials, or to volunteer your time.

If you'd like to mail a check, please send it to:

Bethany Soye for District 9

P.O. Box 84124, Sioux Falls, SD 57118

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