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Protecting the Right to In-Person Visitation

During Christmas Edison was able to meet his 93 year old Great Grandma Verna. These two are a lot alike; they are both fighters. Edison fought through 66 days in the NICU learning to eat and breathe on his own. Verna fought through over a year of lockdown and isolation in her nursing home room due to COVID protocols. She is a fun lady who lives to play cards and socialize. She said that she "felt like she was in prison" during the lockdown. We are fortunate that she was able to make it through this period; others we not so lucky. The inhumane isolation caused rapid mental and physical deterioration for many senior citizens. In many cases, the isolation caused much greater damage than the actual COVID disease. We must ensure that our oldest residents are never treated like this again. In the upcoming session I will be working to ensure that nursing home residents can always have in-person visitation no matter what. People like Verna deserve to be honored and respected. In order to do this, we must work to preserve the right to in-person visitation.

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