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Setting the Record Straight

A mailer was sent out claiming that I support tax increases and am part of the "swamp." Ironically it was sent out by Lee Schoenbeck, the swampiest man in Pierre. It is a complete and blatant lie. A desperate attempt by Mr. Schoenbeck to stay in power. Let's take a look at the facts.

HB1053 There is a big problem with overcrowding in local jails. This bill would have put guardrails around how counties can issue a bond to fund a new jail in a way other than raising property taxes. The bill DID NOT INCREASE ANY TAX. It was a local control issue.

Key provisions in the bill: 1. Referred any tax increase to the voters and required 60% voter approval instead of the current 50% +1 2. Reduced the property tax burden by allowing counties to increase a sales tax by half a cent. 3. Would have created a 5 year "cooling-off period" in-between tax increases.

I am rated by the American Conservative Union (ACU, sponsors of CPAC) as the 2ND MOST CONSERVATIVE LEGISLATOR IN SOUTH DAKOTA with a score of 93%. Mr. Schoenbeck comes in 69th place with a lifetime score of 59%.

This past session I have voted to: 1. Reduce the state sales tax by .5% 2. Eliminate the state sales tax on food 3. Have a two-month gas tax holiday 4. Send the Federal COVID relief money back to the citizens of South Dakota instead of spending it

I voted against countless spending bills because I believe you the people can spend your own money better than any government program. I stand by my record, and I will continue fighting for the people of South Dakota as a true fiscal conservative.

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